Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gobbo boss on dog and some cleric

The goblin boss on dog was bought this friday and painted yesterday. I love these Pathfinder gobbos and have already ordered the other blister of 4 fire starters and a gobbo sorcerer to go along with the warband. If only I had any use of them, it would be perfect, hehe :)

Until I get the last 5 members, the warband look like this:

And on top of that, I have finaly gotten to paint one of the Spyglass minis I have had for some time now - this cleric/monk/whatever is so simple, still I'm very fond of the model. It's resin and an extremely crisp and sharp casting - super model. Again the only problem is, that I have absolutely no use of such a fellow... But hey, that haven't stopped me from purchasing minis before...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pathfinder gobbos

More minis for some roleplay I am never gonna play. These gobbos are from Reapers Pathfinder line of miniatures. More sprite or pixie than your average gw-goblin - which is good, I think :)
These would make great low level critters.... And I just have to have that gobbo boss on a dog (or giant rat or whatever it's supposed to be) as well - together they are gonna be a tough, but cute, little warband. A real fear for any lvl 1 wizard with only one magic missile or whatever they have to defend themselves these days :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gnome from Reaper

Another roleplaying mini - a gnome engineer of some kind. Nice little fellow from Reaper... All those roleplaying minis really tempt me to do some dungeonraiding myself... Now, where did I put my backpack and longsword?

What I really want is maybe not actually playing anything... but rather to paint a lot of oldschool fantasy minis for a purpose. Orcs and kobolds and such. And maybe one of the old zoats - bought some zoat-legs on ebay this week to fit the zoat-upperbody I have had in the bitsbox for years. And fimirs... I would love to paint some fimirs... Unfortunately those a quite hard to get and quite expensive on ebay.