Sunday, December 15, 2013


Back from outer space!

I have been... away... I haven't been painting very much... Been busy at job and that kind of stuff... but most of all I have been a parent.. It really takes a lot of time and energy... the little one wakes up at 4 in the morning these months... I have been quite tired.

And I have been painting some Bones models that really wasn't very good models...

Then I got this commsionjob :)  An old spacewolf-model... I had to admit, I have only ever painted like 7 marines/terminators... So I could not promise a result similiar to the ones you usualy see.

I must say that I really enjoyed painting this model... I know nothing of 40k rules or fluff... But modelwise this model is so much more cleancut and sharp in the details than those Bones models I have been splashing paint on lately. And even though sc/fi isn't my thing, this almost felt like coming home :)

The picture isn't good... way to dark - but still.. I went as always for a muted colourscheme... gray, brown and silver. I think the idea of making a wooden bolter was quite original... even though I didn't have the time to make it look totally convincing.

I won't be rushing out buying more of those 40k models... But I do think it was fun painting this one.

And even though I have been waiting a looong time, I still haven't received a single miniature from Otherworld. No phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 models for me...Nothing... That Richard from Otherworld...

I hope my next update will be sooner than later :) And perhaps with pictures of Otherworld models... One can always dream, right?!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There you are:


One  Bloody big Ettin Bones miniature for you. It could, and probably should, be highlighted and detailed more... maybe I will do some of that later on. Let's call him wip...  I'll return with new and better looking photos one day...

I must say - I'm pretty annoyed with the stickyness it gets when varnished?! I use Modelmaster dull cote, and have never had any problems with that...

As for the bendiness, I'm also a little worried about a miniature like this one - his clubs tend to bend. i know it can be fixed with warm and cold water...but it keeps bending back if put into a box for transport... So i will have to keep him where I have unbended him... oh well.

Apart from all that, I must say I really like those Tre Manor sculpts! And at 5$ this one is a bargain. Go buy one and see if you disagree!

Now, what to paint next? Another sticky bone or something completely different? It will be something from the mountain though (so no wk dwarves, though they look mighty fine)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goblinaid gobbo

A goblin from goblinaid:

A goblin wizard (here without his scroll pet) sculpted by George Fairlamb... can't remember having seen his name before?
While not the best sculpted among the goblinaid-gobbos I bought some weeks ago (his nose was quite a challenge), it has something to it. 

He is a little fellow, and I thought the lipped 30 mm base would be to big for him, hence the traditional gw round base... maybe I should paint up his scroll pet and give them a lipped base...

Have you painted any goblinaid gobbos to be seen anywhere??

Monday, September 9, 2013


At last the Bones from Reaper arrived.

I had to pay 75$ in taxes to get it... and even though I'm not that much into Reapers stuff, it is overwhelming to open the box with some 200-250 figures in :)

I have even tried to paint one. This is my first experiment with painting Bones:

A Bones orc, sculpted by Tre Manor by the looks of it.
It was an ok experience. It was a little hard to prime it, but from there it painted up nicely I think. Some of the details are a little rough... But what's to expect at that price...

The integral base is annoying though - hard to get a hold on while painting and the finished mini doesn't match my other miniatures... I have considered removing it and putting the mini on a slotta base... Another solution is letting it be - these minis are for roleplaying mostly anyway... I dunno... What do you do with your bones??

I'm pretty sure I won't paint all of the bones miniatures...not even 10%... but still it is fun having all those miniatures that doesn't have to get a topnutch paintjob because, hey, they didn't cost me much (at least pr miniature).

What Bones miniature should be the next? Hmm... I'm considerering another Orc, some giant rats or something else I could use in lowlevel roleplaying... or maybe I should just grab a random?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Alien Life Form - for Space Hulk

A quick 1 hour paintjob from Four A Miniatures. I must admit, I think it would be funny to field Alf in a game of spacehulk with some customized houserules (just as an obnoxious obstacle). He is supposed to fit into this bunch:

You might say this would only be fun in theory - but that is no problem... My Space Hulk comrade moved overseas last year, so it is not likely Alf and the others will ever see action... But in theory it could be fun...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another ewal dvergar

An ewal dwergar from Clams range of multipart chaosdwarves.
I feel this one is so much more me than the chaos dwarf Sweyn some posts ago. But enough of that.

As I'm home taking care of my 1-year old  untill he can start in daycare, I  do have the time to trawl the internet for miniatures to buy, though I do not have the time to actually paint them. So he and me has been to the postoffice several times to pick up daddys packages lately... and will continue to do that in the time to come - a real daddy and son thing :)

I couldn't wait any longer for the goblinaid miniatures - and even though the complete range wasn't out at the time, I  placed an order for some goblin goodies. We picked them up this morning, and they are really nice models. I bought the 10 I liked the most, and they are surpringsingly nice sculpts.

I also found some real Kevin Adams blood bowl goblins that looked quite cool. I hope we can pick them up at the postoffice next week or so.

And I have an additon to my spacehulk collection of odd sci/fi miniatures... more of that soon.

And theres the ebay miniatures... :)

And Reaper bones... has not arrived yet...

Nor has the Otherworld adventureres...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


A ratogre by Jes Goodwin - Actuallly a much better model than it looked when I first painted it some 20-25 years ago.

I like it much more now :)

It seems to me, that the sculpts of Jes Goodwin survives the test of time better than most.

I have bought several new miniatures for the lead mountain - Some very old minis (sorry Squeaks) at ebay and some very new from the Goblinaid campaign. Some of them might come up here one day...

I'm still looking for that limited edition fimir - if you have a spare one, I'll take it off your hands for 20£ including postage, thank you very much.

Friday, August 2, 2013

On the paintdesk

On the paintdesk:

I still haven't decided which project to focus on...

The ambull has long been on my to do list... But especially one thing has been troubling me: Was I to put it on fantasybase or a sci/fi base for use in Space Hulk? Being a fantasy guy, I ended up following my heart. Fantasy basing it is.

The ratogre is one the miniatures from back in the days that I have stripped to repaint. It's a Goodwin sculpt, if I remember correct, and not at all as bad as it looked before getting stripped :)

The Frodo on foot was just an in between paintjob, I did because I missed doing someting with that kind of face... Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed painting it... It's nearly finished, as you can see.

Another Kev Adams goblin - I'm growing quite fond of them! :) And speaking of the Goblinmaster, I'm really looking forward to buy a good deal of those goblinaid sculpts once the whole bunch is up for sale. Gotta support the goblinmaster!

The little one in the back could be part of a new nostalgia project... I'm not sure yet...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

collecting miniatures... and a painted gobbo

A little in between paintjob -  Another Kev Adams gobbo:

Looks more mad irl :)

While I try to focus and paint something, I often find myself trawling ebay and other sites for interesting miniatures... I have done that for years... And even though the mountain of lead keeps growing, there is always a miniature I really can't carry on without. I know many fellow leadheads feel the same way, and I have always enjoyed reading wishlists on blogs - Hoping to find something I already had on other peoples lists, but more often finding new minis i ought to have.

It seems to change over time which models I have a craving for... But some models keep nagging me.

One model I really would like is the limited edition Fimir... I placed a bid on one some weeks ago, but it annoys me to pay overprice for miniatures, so I didn't get it - part of the sport is getting them at a good price.

Another model I have been looking for is the little gw Jabbervocky - But again, I hesitate to pay the price ebay demand... not sure the model is actually that good :(

I have also dreamt about the zoat with the staff for many years - but isn't it really small? It seems odd and tiny next to the normal zoats... Or is it just me?

Speaking of zoats... more fantasy zoats would be nice... and ambulls.

And the mutated ogre would also be nice to have... as well as the other Goodwin ogres...

There are so many more miniatures I would love to have. Can't name them all - I often find myself falling in love with a miniature the second I see it well painted :)

Off to ebay...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ewal dvergars

Painted goodies from Clam

I have painted one of the new ewal dvergar characters from Clam - Sweyn by Sjoerd Trouwee

Even though I do like the model, it proved a tough job to paint - I actually started this one out with a classic bonewhite and mithril silver colourscheme... But it just didn't look right - I would have sworn that colourscheme fits every miniature if done right?!... But somehow I couldn't make it look right. So what to do?
Out of  my comfortzone, I had to try new things... and it turned out like this.

Well... I'm not sure what to think about it... It doesn't feel like me...hmm. What do you think, Clam??

I also did this quick paintjob:

Much easier to paint - one of Clams very own sculpts. No fancy details, just classic dwarf stuff.

I know Clam isn't John Pickford (or Sjoerd Trouwee for that matter), and here and there the details are a little soft, but the feel is good. And even though I didn't go for the bonewhite on this one either, I felt much more at home doing this than Sweyn. Funny how some miniatures are just more you than others...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

wip norsemen

While I wait for some time off (from family and other duties) to paint the chaotic dwarf from Clam miniatures, I'll post you a wip-photo of the norsemen for a upcoming Blood Bowl team:

5 gw norsemen. None of them totally finished when this photo was taken.

I have tried giving them a cold frosty look - red noses (of course) and blue glazing on the skin... They tend to look a little bit messy... I'm not sure the time put into them pays off, but I hope to see a finished team of them on the field someday.

Back to the chaos dwarves now.... focus...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Goodies from Clam

It came with the mail:

Clam has released the second wave of John Pickford ewal dvergas. And he has spiced the range up with some dwarves made by Sjoerd Trouwee, who is also known for theTwisted Tales range sold via Hasslefree...

I'm off to paint my first Sjoerd Trouwee miniature, Sweyn - a cool evil dwarf with a pet hound at his feet.

More will follow...

Saturday, June 29, 2013


So it is summer. Stormy and rainy.

Some time ago I talked about a norse Blood Bowl team coming up... Then Giant Fanatic was called off, leaving me somewhat unsure about my Blood Bowl career.

But here's a teaser for you. The Snowtroll:

I think it makes a fine snowtroll.

Something completely different is the assault on Kevin 'Goblin master' Adams. All sorts of people have scuplted goblins to be cast and sold to raise money for Kevin (google goblinaid). While I wait for the goblins to be released for sale, I have painted one of the Kevin Adams goblins from the mountain of lead:

 A fairly simple paintjob, I like it nonetheless. The gobbo was meant to carry a shield, but I thought he looked better without... Though the shield was quite cool, it made him look rather ordinary...much like an gw nightgoblin.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Old news - Zoat

I have had this old zoat standing almost finished for some years now... I wasn't really happy with it, but today I finished it anyway. So here you are:

I remember spending a lot of time on this one, but in the end I wasn't sure the colourscheme was such a good idea after all. I still very much like the idea of an almost colourless creature with ruby-scales... But then again, plain green zoats are also great...
What do you think?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - The End

For now, I'm done painting 'Super Dugeon Explore' miniatures.
Here's the final groupshot:

These miniatures was great fun painting. Although they seem pretty easy, there certainly are pitfalls... The big eyes for example... I have spend a lot of time trying to get them look right, and could have spend even more, but enough is enough.

Here you have some shots of them in pairs:

These turned out better than I had feared. The rogue is merely one big head, and the details on the body are quite hard to pick out. The ranger is likewise short of sharp details. But in the end they got ok. Saved by their big heads I guess.

The cleric and the barbarian was somewhat disappointing. While the cleric is simply a bad sculpt, the barbarian seemed far more promising. But in the end I couldn't make her look as good as I had hoped for.

What now? What miniatures are to be painted now?
Rumours are, there will be no Giant Fanatic tournament this year (alas!) - And what are then to become of my Blood Bowl Norsemen?? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to find out!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dungeon explore - part two

I have been painting more of the miniatures from Dungeon Explore (I have also been told, that it is not called Dungeon Explorer but Dungeon Explore... some kind of 'All-your-base-are-belong-to-us-japaneese reference) These two are the Royal Paladin and the Heartsworn Fighter (aka the dwarf hero). I still think they are a fun break from the normal miniature painting.

This is the Angry Bear - The bearform of the druid shown last week.

Painting these mangastyle miniatures is all about finding the balance between simple blockcolouring and traditional highlighting... I think I maybe have highlighted to much... At least the bear could have been more cleancut in the highlight...or something... but hey, I'm quite happy with all of them nonetheless.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Super Dungeon Explorer

I was actually in the middle of my new blood bowl project - a team of norsemen, when this commisionjob turned up: 9 heroes for Super Dungeon Explorer.

I have never played the game, but it seemed like an interesting challenge :)

Here's the first two: The Deeproot Druid and the Ember Mage.

I have chosen to follow the official artwork relatively close... more will follow...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Still here

Ok then...

I'm still here - things have just been a little... I don't know.. maybe I just lost focus... And all my new pictures come out terrible...And the newborn son... And conflict at work...

Anyway... Here's a picture of the miniature Morriarty, I spoke of some time ago:

I think it turned out all right... but the pictures sure didn't :(

And here's some more more crappy pictures:

Two evil dvergar from Clams range of range of multipart dwarfs by John Pickford... I hope to see more of Clams miniatures in the future - Clam: Please send more dwarves! :)

And here's a necromancer from the range of Talisman miniatures made by Citadel... or so I remember:
I also painted a monk character ..but pictures turned out even worse on that one :( And some trolls...

And I still haven't seen anything from neither Reapers Bone kickstarter campaign nor Otherworlds adventurer campaign. I did get my money back however from that italian guy who tried to rob me at ebay... At first he claimed me miniatures was lost in the post... but shortly after he was selling the exact same used miniatures yet again at ebay...

I'll be back sooner than later with pictures of some new projects - I have a new blood bowl team coming up for this years Giant Fanatic in october...