Friday, July 26, 2013

Ewal dvergars

Painted goodies from Clam

I have painted one of the new ewal dvergar characters from Clam - Sweyn by Sjoerd Trouwee

Even though I do like the model, it proved a tough job to paint - I actually started this one out with a classic bonewhite and mithril silver colourscheme... But it just didn't look right - I would have sworn that colourscheme fits every miniature if done right?!... But somehow I couldn't make it look right. So what to do?
Out of  my comfortzone, I had to try new things... and it turned out like this.

Well... I'm not sure what to think about it... It doesn't feel like me...hmm. What do you think, Clam??

I also did this quick paintjob:

Much easier to paint - one of Clams very own sculpts. No fancy details, just classic dwarf stuff.

I know Clam isn't John Pickford (or Sjoerd Trouwee for that matter), and here and there the details are a little soft, but the feel is good. And even though I didn't go for the bonewhite on this one either, I felt much more at home doing this than Sweyn. Funny how some miniatures are just more you than others...


  1. Both look good, very nice in fact.

    I know what you mean, some miniatures, which might be perfectly good and well sculpted, just don't feel right or 'like me' when I paint them and I don't enjoy them nearly as much as others. Hard to pinpoint why, just happens.

  2. Good paint job !! Green armor is truely chaotic.

  3. You did a great job on Sweyn and I'm looking forward seeing him RL.

    And the grenadier ain't bad either. Quite like him, actually. Kind of strange seeing something you have created during the long winters nights painted by a professional .... :)