Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goblinaid gobbo

A goblin from goblinaid:

A goblin wizard (here without his scroll pet) sculpted by George Fairlamb... can't remember having seen his name before?
While not the best sculpted among the goblinaid-gobbos I bought some weeks ago (his nose was quite a challenge), it has something to it. 

He is a little fellow, and I thought the lipped 30 mm base would be to big for him, hence the traditional gw round base... maybe I should paint up his scroll pet and give them a lipped base...

Have you painted any goblinaid gobbos to be seen anywhere??


  1. Nice :) - not the best of the best - but rather cute.

    Got my goblinaids today - but you know me. Will probably not get any of them painted, this side of Christmas :-P

  2. This one is actually one of my favorites :) I like that it has a kind of Froud/Dark Crystal feel.

    1. I think you're right Dain... it really has something to it :)