Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There you are:


One  Bloody big Ettin Bones miniature for you. It could, and probably should, be highlighted and detailed more... maybe I will do some of that later on. Let's call him wip...  I'll return with new and better looking photos one day...

I must say - I'm pretty annoyed with the stickyness it gets when varnished?! I use Modelmaster dull cote, and have never had any problems with that...

As for the bendiness, I'm also a little worried about a miniature like this one - his clubs tend to bend. i know it can be fixed with warm and cold water...but it keeps bending back if put into a box for transport... So i will have to keep him where I have unbended him... oh well.

Apart from all that, I must say I really like those Tre Manor sculpts! And at 5$ this one is a bargain. Go buy one and see if you disagree!

Now, what to paint next? Another sticky bone or something completely different? It will be something from the mountain though (so no wk dwarves, though they look mighty fine)


  1. Fantastic work, Mikkel. It looks really good. Quite fancy Tre's miniatures, and most say that these bones - might end up in my "Stuff I would actually painted - should I ever pick up a brush again"-pile :)
    But Winter is coming, so who know ..... :D

  2. - and what's next ... ? If not WK and Pickford Dwarfs - how about something from OW?

    1. Would very much like to paint something OW... But I still haven't got any kickstarter stuff from Richard... Rumours are, that it will eventually come though...

      But I have to admit, I have bought a new bunch of plastics - I couldn't resist anymore... Yesterday I bought a copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark... I'm not proud of it... Maybe some of the minis will show up here...