Friday, August 2, 2013

On the paintdesk

On the paintdesk:

I still haven't decided which project to focus on...

The ambull has long been on my to do list... But especially one thing has been troubling me: Was I to put it on fantasybase or a sci/fi base for use in Space Hulk? Being a fantasy guy, I ended up following my heart. Fantasy basing it is.

The ratogre is one the miniatures from back in the days that I have stripped to repaint. It's a Goodwin sculpt, if I remember correct, and not at all as bad as it looked before getting stripped :)

The Frodo on foot was just an in between paintjob, I did because I missed doing someting with that kind of face... Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed painting it... It's nearly finished, as you can see.

Another Kev Adams goblin - I'm growing quite fond of them! :) And speaking of the Goblinmaster, I'm really looking forward to buy a good deal of those goblinaid sculpts once the whole bunch is up for sale. Gotta support the goblinmaster!

The little one in the back could be part of a new nostalgia project... I'm not sure yet...


  1. I'd say - go for the Ambull. Would love too see what you would do with it. Thx/Hans

    1. Those Ambulls...yes, there sure is something about them. I remember being so tempted to buy one back when they came out... I didn't play 40k at all, but boy did I spend a long time to consider whether to buy or not anyway... In the end I didn't, and I have spend almost as long regretting that.
      And likewise with the fimirs and the zoats. And that feels like a heavy burden now - I'm so afraid to let those (at least for me) mythic sculpts down by giving them a bad paintjob, that I hesitate giving it a go... uhhh...

  2. Stop all this old school stuff, buy some Dwarves from White Knight and show us how it's done :D

    1. Stop doing old school stuff?! Squeaks, that is unheard of in these Oldhammer times :)

      On the other hand, buying White Knight dwarves might be a good idea... I'll think about it... And even though they are new miniatures, they sure have an old school spirit... So in a way it would still be Oldhammer :)