Monday, August 9, 2010

Summers is over...

Summer is over and I have only painted a few minis during my holliday :(

The boarboyz above are the first 5 minis for my 8.ed warhammer fantasy army... Yer right - none of us will probably ever see the day... but anyway, it felt good to paint a unit, dreaming about it roaring along the flank of the helpless enemy

I have also painted a couple of skavens - one for the blue blood bowl team, and one Lord Skrolk - both of them are commisionjobs

I really hope to paint some more bb-players for that mixed races team - until now there are two skavens and a black orc... Think a whole team would look great :)

Oh... and a warm welcome to my 9-th guest jedscott1 - hope you will enjoy your stay


  1. I do like to bases of the Orcs - the idea of only covering part of the plastic seems to work better with mounted rather than foot.


  2. Hi Andrew - I think you're right about that. The mounted base is larger and therfore it works better. My idea about not covering the entire base is to make the model and the earth beneath it look united (as a whole they belong to the imagined universe) - and the base something else, that is not a part of the 'diorama' but belong to the real world as we know it...