Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here's what I have been doing.

Long time, no update :( Sorry about that, but the real world kept bugging me. I would like to welcome all the newcomers to my blog. I'm so happy that you bother!

I have been painting in the meantime, though. Here's what I have been doing:

- The models for Wrath of Ashardalon. Nearly 50 plastic models for some more dungeoncrawling. speedpainted with Devlan mud and highlighted - to go with the Castle Ravnloft models shown earlier.

- 6 pretty nice plastic models for the boardgame Cluedo, no photos of them either, they have been shipped to customer (well actually they're on display at Fantask, Copenhagen, but they should be picked up anyday now)

- The first skavens for my new 2. ed skaven blood bowl team :)
This is the third 2.ed skaven team I paint... just love those rats (go Goodwin!)
As you can see, so far I have painted 3 linemen (one of them is the kicker model) and a gutterrunner. The colourscheme is orange/red and orange/yellow. (I realize that the ctachers loinclothes is somewhat less yellow than the rest... gotta do something about that) The plan is to paint them one at a time to give each of them full attention... Lets see if I can stick to that and actually finish the team... stay tuned! :)

3 socalled mites from Reapers Pathfinder. Nothing fancy... 2 hours of work and there you have them.I would love to field them against a party of adventureres... It's a shame that I don't do any roleplaying...

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  1. Great stuff, loving the colour scheme for the skaven, such great models. Nice little guys too, boy are they tiny.